The Debate Over Cuts To The Food Stamp Program

Diane Rheim

  • The Diane Rehm Show      Thursday, July 26, 2012  
  • Congress is considering a deficit reduction measure that would eliminate food stamps for nearly two million Americans. Debate over the cost of feeding America’s poor.
  • One in seven Americans receives food stamps, a number that’s up sharply since the financial crisis. Most experts agree unemployment and underemployment have contributed to the number of people in need of food assistance. The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a measure that would cut nearly two million people from the program and cause 280,000 children to lose free meals. Anti-poverty advocates call it unconscionable. But supporters of the cuts say the food stamp program is inefficient and many people are receiving benefits who are not truly in need. Diane and her guests discuss the cost of feeding America’s poor.