New initiative to rescue imperfect produce

Perfectly Imperfect PotatoesSWAN QUARTER — Food Bank of the Albemarle is heading a new pilot program designed to eliminate food loss and fight hunger across the state.

On Friday, legislators and business leaders will meet at Pamlico Shores Produce in Hyde County to discuss the new program. The food bank is partnering with Pamlico Shores to rescue lower-grade potatoes and culls that would otherwise be destroyed through installation of a potato bagger, said Annya Soucy, director of communications and special events at Food Bank of the Albemarle. The event will start at 10 a.m. at Pamlico Shores Produce and will lead to a luncheon and panel discussion at Swan Quarter Volunteer Fire Department.

The USDA will provide a trailer for an estimated 1 million pounds of bagged potatoes to be distributed throughout North Carolina’s seven food banks and, in turn, dispersed among local food pantries, Soucy said.