Legal Feeding Frenzy Application Received



Thank you!

You have completed step one in registering for the Legal Feeding Frenzy.  We strongly encourage you to complete step 2 which will allow your team to raise funds online and to track live all cash donations given.  Simply click this link to set-up your online page:


If a firm or group wants to create a virtual food drive, only one person from that organization should visit that link and click “join team”. They’ll be prompted to register and create an individual page for their specific group. That one person will be the manager/captain of that individual page, and the link to the individual page is what they should share with their colleagues. Each firm or group will be able to see their collective donations on their individual pages, and the entire amount donated by all of the groups will be visible on your team page.  Please reference our virtual food drive setup guide (pdf) if any questions – page 3 explains how team pages work.

Thank you, we look forward to your participation.


Laura Caldwell, Executive Director
Feeding the Carolinas
Cell (703) 587-3237