Legal Feeding Frenzy Rules

NC Legal Feeding Frenzy


The following explains the rules for participation in the North Carolina Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (“NCBA YLD”) Legal Feeding Frenzy competition to benefit the Feeding the Carolinas.

The premise is simple: each team competes to collect as much food as possible to benefit local Feeding The Carolinas Food Banks.  Attorney General Josh Stein will present the coveted “Attorney General’s Cup” to the team that collects the most food, calculated using a team’s average amount of food donated per person.

Winners from the following categories will also be calculated using a team’s average amount of food donated per person:

Sole Proprietor (consisting of 1-10 employees)

Small Firm (consisting of 11-50 employees)

Medium Firm (consisting of 51-100 employees)

Large Firm (consisting of 101 or more employees)

Law School

Public Interest/Government (Government agency, non-profit, public defender, etc.)

Corporate/In-House Counsel

Contest dates:

The contest runs from March 5th – March 31, 2018.  Any money or food donated before March 5th or after March 31st shall not be counted in the competition.

Determining Team Size:

When counting the number of employees, each person, including each non-attorney, working at the firm or legal employer/law school should be included.  Law firms with multiple office locations will compete as a single entity for awards; however, each office may register separately.

In-house legal departments or divisions of government agencies are encouraged to join the Feeding Frenzy as well.  The number of employees to be counted by in-house legal departments or divisions of government agencies should be determined by the number of total employees in the participating legal department or division.  For example, if the North Carolina Attorney General’s office is participating as a team, all employees of the North Carolina Attorney General’s office should be counted in the total number of employees.  For purposes of this contest, employees outside the State of North Carolina will not be included in the total employee count.  Therefore, if a firm or legal employer has offices in North Carolina and outside of North Carolina—it should count only those employees located in North Carolina for purposes of determining the appropriate contest division.


All teams must register for the NCBA Legal Feeding Frenzy by completing the required Registration Form at

Teams with multiple offices throughout the State may register separately, designating on the registration form the local Feeding America Food Bank to which that office will make food donations.  The multiple office registrations and corresponding donations will be combined at the end of the competition to determine the team’s total employees and total donations.

All registrations should include a “contact person” who NCBA YLD Legal Feeding Frenzy organizers may contact if necessary.

**Early Registration Bonus**:

One hundred (100) pounds of food will be awarded as a bonus to each team that registers prior to 5:00 PM Friday, March 2, 2018.

Kick-Off Event:

Attorney General Josh Stein will start the drive with kick-off event at 2 pm on March 1, 2018 at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, 500 Spratt St B, Charlotte, NC 28206. Attendees will have the opportunity to volunteer at the food bank following the Attorney General’s remarks.

Awards Ceremony:

Attorney General Josh Stein will recognize Feeding Frenzy winners in a ceremony on April 25, 2018, 2:00 p.m., at the Bar Center, 8000 Weston Pkwy Cary, NC 27513.


Total pounds of food donations are calculated from two sources: (1) physical food items and (2) monetary contributions.

  • All physical food item donations will be weighed upon receipt by the local Feeding America Food Bank. The weight will be added to the team’s score. Bonus pounds, totaling 25% of the total weight donated, will also be awarded if the team delivers the items directly to the local Feeding America Food Bank.  When a physical donation is made, the In-Person Donation Form must be completed and submitted to Feeding the Carolinas along with the donation.

  • For every dollar contributed, a team will receive credit for four pounds of food. Monetary donations may be made by cash or check directly to Feeding the Carolinas or by visiting the Legal Feeding Frenzy website.

MONETARY DONATIONS by check or cash must reference both the team’s name and “NC Legal Feeding Frenzy” to ensure proper credit.  The In-Person Donation Form must be completed and submitted to Feeding the Carolinas along with checks and/or cash.  Checks should be made out to Feeding the Carolinas.

Online donations are being collected through a virtual food drive platform hosted by the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

VIRTUAL FOOD DRIVE DONATIONS — To set up a Virtual Food Drive for Legal Feeding Frenzy Online Donations: All virtual food drives should be set up under the Legal Feeding Frenzy team. Each law firm or group should only have one individual who sets up their page and manages it. The manager of the page for each law firm or group should do the following: Go to:

Click on the orange button on the right-hand side of the screen that says JOIN TEAM. Please do not create your own drive. You will be prompted to register as a participant. Follow the registration steps.

Your username should be the name of your firm. If you have multiple locations, please make sure you include your city – i.e. Smith and Smith Raleigh, or Jones and Jones Charlotte. Each branch of a firm should have its own page, because donations will go to the food bank closest to the physical location of the office.

Once you’ve created your individual page as a member of the Legal Feeding Frenzy team, you will be able to customize it by clicking on “my participant center”. You can change the text to reflect the name of your firm, the name of the food bank you are supporting, and anything else you’d like to share.

To encourage donations, share the link of your firm’s personal page (within the LFF team). Within the participant center, you can also create a vanity link to share with your colleagues. If you have trouble with this step, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact  for assistance.

Thank you, we look forward to your participation.

Each team is responsible for notifying Feeding the Carolinas that a donation should be designated as part of the NCBA Legal Feeding Frenzy competition and for a particular team.  For physical donations, including food, checks, or cash, the In-Person Donation Form must be submitted with the donation.

The following types of items will not be counted as part of a team’s total pounds of food: candy, alcohol, perishables.

Please do not contribute food items in glass containers as they have a high risk of breakage.  Please do not open items that are already packed in cases, cartons, or boxes.  This will make it easier for the local Feeding America Food Bank to pick up, if pick-up is required.

If pick-up of physical food items, or cash or checks, is required, a team’s contact person should schedule the pick-up directly with the local Feeding America Food Bank and in time for the pick-up to occur before the end of the competition.  While scheduling the pick-up, it is very important that you tell the Food Bank the approximate amount of food you have collected in order for their transportation department to prepare properly.  If your team only has a monetary contribution, then you need to contact Feeding the Carolinas to arrange for pick-up or mailing of the contributions.  All contributions post marked by 3/31/18 will be included in the campaign.

Please visit our website at or contact a Feeding Frenzy representative with questions.
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