Food Bank Facts

NC Food Bank Facts

During Fiscal Year 2015-16, North Carolina’s Feeding America Food Banks distributed over 184 million pounds of nutritious food and other grocery products, the equivalent of over 150 million meals. During that time we served about 1.6 million North Carolinians.

  • North Carolina’s food banks enjoy broad public support. Our members received financial contributions from over 80,000 contributors and food donations from another 3,000 donors.

  • In 2015, nearly 40,000 volunteers contributed over 450,000 hours in volunteer time at our seven food banks to support our work.

  • The network of corporate partners, donors and volunteers makes food banks extremely efficient.  The overhead for our network of member food banks averages about 5%, meaning  nearly 95 cents of every dollar we receive is used to put food on the table for our neighbors in need.

For more information contact Alan Briggs, Executive Director, NC Association of Feeding America Food Banks at (919) 582-2110.

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