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The New Face of Hunger– National Geographic

By Tracie McNew Face of HungerMillan

Millions of working Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. We sent three photographers to explore hunger in three very different parts of the United States, each giving different faces to the same statistic: One-sixth of Americans don’t have enough food to eat.

On a gold-gray morning in Mitchell County, Iowa, Christina Dreier sends her son, Keagan, to school without breakfast. He is three years old, barrel-chested, and stubborn, and usually refuses to eat the free meal he qualifies for at preschool. Faced with a dwindling pantry, Dreier has decided to try some tough love: If she sends Keagan to school hungry, maybe he’ll eat the free breakfast, which will leave more food at home for lunch.

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Helping Fill the Summer Meal Gap

Food banks and hunger-relief organizations are critical to the safety net for people, and especially children, who are affected by food insecurity.

By Hyun Namkoong       June 30, 2014

On a hot summer evening in June, a group of children waited in the parking lot of a low-income community in Holly Springs to sign up for hot meals and one-on-one reading assistance from the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and Read and Feed.

Bright-orange cones sectioned off a safe area for kids to gather and eat beef stroganoff, honey dew melon and salad from the IFFS Mobile Tastiness Machine, and to take home classic children’s books such as Where the Wild Things Are from Read and Feed’s bookmobile.

A volunteer from InterFaith Food Shuttle shows off the day’s offering of beef stroganoff, salad and melon
Terri Hutter, food service chief from Inter-Faith Food Shuttle shows off the day’s offering of beef stroganoff, salad and melon. Photo credit: Hyun Namkoong
The Mobile Tastiness Machine is a colorfully painted food truck that makes daily rounds, Monday to Friday, delivering lunch and dinner to locations in Wake and Durham counties.

The Read and Feed’s big and, thankfully, air-conditioned bookmobile houses a small library and desks and chairs for the children and volunteers, many of whom are school teachers who help the kids maintain their reading levels during the summer holidays.