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Asheville cabbie offers rides for food donations; MANNA FoodBank to get the canned goods

Demetrius JonesSabien Warren  Dec 9, 2013 Asheville Citizen

ASHEVILLE — As he goes to sleep each night in the back seat of his taxi cab, Demetris Jones has a thick blanket to keep him warm — and big dreams to boost his spirits.

He is plotting nothing less than a transportation empire, but with a humanitarian twist. From noon-6 p.m. on Sundays, you can catch a ride in his taxi for five cans of food that he will donate to MANNA FoodBank.

Jones started his company, Illski Transports, in August and added the canned food fare option in September.

“I’ve been hungry,” said Jones, 37, who recalls times during his youth when flour and sugar were the only food items in his house. “I have a thing in my heart for people who are in that situation. This is a chance for me to provide something for other people.”

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