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Potential waste turns into 465,000 meals

 MIKE HUGHLETT , Star Tribune

Call it the great corn rescue of 2012.

Big ripe ears of Minnesota sweet corn destined to become Green Giant niblets were instead going to be wasted. With a bountiful harvest this month, the cannery simply couldn’t process it all.

Then a new campaign — handiwork of local food relief groups and corporations — swung into action, quickly moving the corn from the fields to the food banks. “It’s beautiful corn, and it only lasts for a period of time,” said Ellie Lucas, chief campaign officer for Hunger-Free Minnesota.

The immediate result: 600,000 pounds of corn was transformed into 465,000 meals eaten by people in 10 states. The bigger picture: success for a pilot program that can, it is hoped, be replicated in the widespread battle against hunger and food waste.

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